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In Dream on April 15, 2012 at 8:32 am


There is poetry unheard, a life song never sung a beautiful music without benefit of words. Nothing written only whispered by the Muse who lives within. Do not hurry through the days nor let the world of noise drown out that gentle voice. Do not slumber in the night devoid the dreams where visions fear to dwell. Stop! I pray you……   Listen to the whispers and record for no other time exists but now.   In the solitude of one in where the Poet in us thrives where the rhyrhm of this Heart beat counts the cadence of what life song yet unsung.   Close Your eyes and You will see the Beauty that resides whithin the soul of the Poet unresolved. Can You heard it? It is the Poetry of Love,unheard come from words whitin the Heart of such as You and I.

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