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Change is Life

In Love, Music, Poetry on April 26, 2012 at 4:55 am

Change is Life

Wind is going to blow

Rain will turn to snow

Cities will decay

Children will still play

Change is always on the go

Life is for living

receiving and giving

some will just exist

others will travel into the Mist

each a lesson to learn

and to understand

as we wander these wondrous lands

Life is full of change,

Change is Life

Life is calm

sometimes full of strife

Does love have a place

Is there enough space

Only if You choose with the Heart

True love will not depart

Adapt for the moment in time

but will not leave the other soul behind

There will be a way to balance

the give and receive

One just has to reach deep,

 be still,

and Believe

There is always a way

If One is patient and

doesn’t turn to fear

and run away




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