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In Music, Poetry on August 28, 2012 at 1:08 am

we wander together within dreams

racing to the stars

we meet under the moon

we’ll be there soon

a moss covered hill awaits

we’ll walk through a garden gate

sun will be shining

or a soft gentle rain will come

doesn’t matter together we’ll be

for here is our trip that we hold

together our dream we wished

upon the wind we told

we’ll carve our names in the harden stone

sealing our friendship to never again be alone

we’ll laugh and cry

but we shall not say goodbye

for as we sit in the shade of the tree

we will always just be

where ever you wander my friend

I am waiting in Scotland by the sea

patiently under the rowan tree

I am holding you in my heart and thoughts

for  true friendships cannot never be forgot




Kahlil Gibran

In Poetry on July 31, 2012 at 7:24 pm

Kahlil Gibran sobre los Hijos – YouTube

Kahlil Gibran: Lebanese Artist, Poet and Mystic Pt. 1 of 3 – YouTube

Kahlil Gibran: Lebanese Artist, Poet and Mystic Pt. 2 of 3 – YouTube

Kahlil Gibran: Lebanese Artist, Poet and Mystic Pt. 3 of 3 – YouTube

Silent Dreams

In Poetry on July 14, 2012 at 5:02 am

standing looking out over rolling hills of green
up to the mountains so majestic, they reign supreme
snow covered above under skies so blue
as the sun shines reflecting warmth within hearts through and through
dreams fall from the clouds covering my thoughts
breaking the mundane, knowing there is much more than what we are taught
music fills the air creating a warmth to pass through my heart
knowing those who stood here before have not really departed
from each shore a desire to wander into the next moment
fulfilling a bliss of dreams I have always held in silent emotion
travel the world never to meet a stranger only friends
I wait for that day to come out of the silent dreams and begin
until then….I have found the world unfolding before me in cyberspace
connecting me…to make wonderful friends though never meeting face to face
life is good…beautiful.. and ever changing from birth til another ending to begin
made even better by souls that wandered into cyberspace and became treasured friends


Be Like in the beginning

In Poetry on May 17, 2012 at 8:55 pm

Be Like in the beginning.

Change is Life

In Love, Music, Poetry on April 26, 2012 at 4:55 am

Change is Life

Wind is going to blow

Rain will turn to snow

Cities will decay

Children will still play

Change is always on the go

Life is for living

receiving and giving

some will just exist

others will travel into the Mist

each a lesson to learn

and to understand

as we wander these wondrous lands

Life is full of change,

Change is Life

Life is calm

sometimes full of strife

Does love have a place

Is there enough space

Only if You choose with the Heart

True love will not depart

Adapt for the moment in time

but will not leave the other soul behind

There will be a way to balance

the give and receive

One just has to reach deep,

 be still,

and Believe

There is always a way

If One is patient and

doesn’t turn to fear

and run away




Teardrops From Heaven

In Poetry on April 21, 2012 at 4:03 pm

Teardrops From Heaven

each raindrop that falls

a teardrop from heaven

a kiss from the moon

kisses from forever

gathering and flows with  the river

racing to the ocean

waves carry to the otherside

standing on the beach

a heart of blue lies there in wonder

coming from the emotions

waves created as it carried

the tears from heaven

as you stand there

with your barefeet in the sand

know I will never forget you

as we become the tears from heaven

falling into the oceans tides

flowing on the otherside







So My Love…..

In Love, Poetry on April 20, 2012 at 7:05 pm

So My Love…..
together or far apart
love entwined souls
knows no distance
you are of my heart,
as I am of yours
your body and mind
may be with someone’s else time
but your love and thoughts are  mine
mine alone in the sacred we created
I am yours even though I walk alone
so many rolling waves of emotions
yet we weather each one as passion never leaves
it may lie in stillness or burn like blazing fires
you gave me your hand,covering mine
you whispered forever my only love
as I returned the essence of those words
holding on to you and our dreams
so many moments are now in between
turmoil, sadness, lonliness yet we smile as we share
memories of beauty in silence
all of life’s strifes and tribulations
we shall endure this road to our destiny
each new crossroad  met
sharing in thoughts distant fires
holding the memory of promise
oh the yearning, the desires
self made prison, boundaries she drew
trying to hold your heart from me
but you have learned to fly in dreams
silence is your constant muse
though I hear for it is for me
no one else has the key
so my love….I wander
in patience I wait
till the moment is once again
for love as ours does not die or ever shall fade away



My beloved

In Dream, Love, Music, Poetry on March 21, 2012 at 7:37 pm

I belong to You,I said until my last breath,but I want You to be free to do what ever Your mind tell You to do.I love Your mind.I admire Your mind as much as my own.
Maybe I am not humble but in my mind and heart I was/am so proud to be called Your.
Eternally Your,

My beloved Nightingale

In Dream, Love, Music, Poetry, truth on March 21, 2012 at 7:29 pm

My beloved Nightingale,
So far I am addressing You my love,but I want somehow to be able to go through all circumstances,places,times,characters,roles,happenings,performances,openings..far beyond ,..far beyond feminist writer,so called idealistic lesbian,dancer,drag king performer..far beyond your family,your  tutors, and each and every person from Your life.
I want You to stop preforming and acting,at least when You are with me.
I am really trying very hard to be beyond everything and everybody..I want and i do love and cared for,be  able to stop herself and to try to be simple here and to listen for a while.
I am woman in love with You but also I am Your friend from the bottom of my heart and with whole my spirit and mind.
You Clara,can be for a while with me united with heart,mind and spirit of Yours.
I want You to listen me as my friend,as woman who did realised how much I do love and care for You.
You do know that people at the end of their lives do realise a simple true about most important things in life,like living in a present moment,loving simple a person,Nature,seeking for little Beauty which are lefted in our days to be found by us,doing things with united heart,spirit,soul,mind,intellect.Looking for Love(God)True,Music,Art,Move,Friendship,Comradeship,Faith,Hope and Joy.
We are all born to be happy,to love and be loved.To give ourselves from love and with love.To be able to resieve love from love and with love.
Somehow You did open Your heart to so many people who are wounded,without real possibility to cherish You as a person,as young lady,as friend,as artist,as idealist and romantic soul.Even woman.When You open Yourself to wrong people they usually manipulate You.Clara,in searching for Love You have to be stable person who knows what does she wants if life and why does she want that.I don’t want to go into each Your relationship to open Your inner eyes.You will do that by Yourself.You do know Your mistakes already,i believe You do.
Why don’t we together find who You are and what do You want in life(Why).
I will write as much as I know so far,You can add what ever You want or erase if that’s not true.
– young woman with extraordinary need to be loved,protected,safe,to be recognised and to be fulfilled
-with already so much painful relationship,betrayed,manipulated,used,miss guided,
-character triads:honest,truthful,tender,gentle,curious,sensitive,sensual,emotional
-artist(what is the meaning of an artist,to You?),writer,dancer,composer,
-compeating inside a family,the oldest child,
-searching for:ideal person(soulmate,friend,comrade,guider and love),ideal poem,ideal word,ideal move..longing to be the best in all fields,to prove yourself to everybody,to be somebodies everything,to be adored,loved.
You can add what ever You think You should add.But in small,that is my opinion what You are and want.
Still I do feel that there is more what had never been said.I don’t even want to ask You if You thing that is good to hide it.But You should know that hidden things are never good for us in our life,it is always wound which grows inside us unless she is loudly spoken.You said so much that I really do not see the reason for hiding.Think about it!
You know that we can’t change our past but she is here so we can learnt from her.When You learn from past You become wise.And besides Love,true and honesty we do need to be wise in life so we can know what is good for us and what is not,and of course the reasons for it.Because of Your past I did call You experience young Lady.So far I don’t really see that You did understood the lessen which gave You Your own past.
Do left out all what is not You and what is not really good for You .I am telling You as You friend and love,go out from lesbian world.You are not part of it.They already changed You in so many ways that I don’t want to even try to write about examples of that.You did almost lost Your soul,nothing on this world is worthy as Your soul.They are not Your real friends.Mixing Your wonderful being (and woman you already become) with LTBG people did hurt Your heart.You are not like them,You are far too good,too honest,too clean to be part with them.All they want is Your soul,Your being that they can manipulate with You,Your clean and pure heart to make it like theirs.You feel already theirs sorrow,theirs dirt.You don’t want really to be become some old drag king or lesbian queen.They will let You down,they already did.Manipulation is not Love,never.
How on Earth is possible that someone say:Last is blind,love is not.?????Who is this?This is not woman.Woman is gentle,always caring,always sophisticate,emotional.To talk about last in front of an Innocent child?Is she a which?She does not have faiths?How can she have faith when she did renounce all the Beauty she was born for.And You learnt from such person?What Clare?To become vulgar and strong as she is?What for?To preform some drag king?King? They are devils,dragons,monsters.My love You are beautiful woman.You are princess of Your own words.You make magic with words!You can heal each wound with Your beautiful words:Why my Love?Why on earth You are mixing with dirt people?I will send You my heart,not just literary,and then You will see that love do exist.I know that dreams are made for us to be found.I found my dream.You will find,I know You will.
It is You ,who invite such person without souls and hearts to become part of Your own life.
I can do anything instead of You.You have to change Your life.To become what You really are.
Beauty do exist in world.You can always find it when You look with clean open Heart.You have such heart,I know,I do feel it.use Your heart my beloved Lady and You will find the way to home.Trust me .Trust in me like I did trust in You long before we become even friends.Do not let anybody to take You all the Beauty you posses.
You don’t have to prove Youself.Your Words will prove for You.
I would love that You are closer.Insteed all I can send You my words,my admiration,my love and my faith in You .You already gave me what have no one gave me before:poem for me.I do live for them.In them lay down all my faith.
I love You Nightingale.I will always love You!
Eternally Yours,

I miss You so much my beloved

In Dream, Love, Poetry, truth on March 14, 2012 at 6:09 pm

Missing someone is a part of loving them.
If you’re never apart, you’ll never really know how strong your love is.

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