In Love on August 16, 2012 at 4:48 pm

Lauren has very special way of writing poems.They are filled with motivational and inspirational thoughts but in “very cool” way.Read and be blessed as much as I was when I read it!with love


Have you heard your inner voice
urging you on?
You can do it,
There you go,

One step at a time,
You’ll be great,
You’ll do fine,

It’s never too late?

Fear Is Paralyzing!

If you imagine failure
around the corner,
You’ve let yourself down,
No one else.

So take that first baby step.
Start penning a new chapter.
Step out of the box for your
Well Being and Self Esteem!

It’s not about destination

© LScott 2012

Photo Credit: Google Images

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  1. Thanks, again, Milena, for reblogging! I’m very touched and I wish you a wonderful Friday! Hugs and love, Lauren

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