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Amazing article about Celtic Druids triads/beliefs.


Druidic wisdom comes to us in the form of Triads:

  • God is of necessity three things: the greatest part of life, the greatest part of science, and the greatest part of force; and of each thing there can be but one greatest part.
  • Three things are continually increasing: fire, intelligence, and life; and these things will end by predominating over all others. Abred, the plane of material life and cyclic incarnation, will be destroyed.
  • The three gifts of music: sleep, laughter, and tears.
  • The Awen symbolizes in man the three Druidic virtues: courage, brotherhood, and selfless service.

The higher wisdoms are essentially one. This the ancients well knew. Dr. Inge’s studies in Christian mysticism show this as clearly. Clement of Alexandria testifies clearly that the venerable wisdom systems of this world were all given the same doctrines, whatever local variety of the rite: Prphic, Thracian, Osiriac, Isaic, Bacchic…

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  2. Thank you Milena….
    I enjoyed the post very much

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