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One of the most interesting and amazing article about our old love ones.Please,take Your time and read it carefully with open hearts and take a good thought about it!God bless You all who love and take care about older people!

The Why About This

There are those (many) that begin to need assistance as their age advances.Some time ago I was hired to produce a resource guide that would be a state publication. Its purpose, to assist family members in finding the information and resources needed to care for an aging member.

As a part of the project I went to many different establishments involved in the care of senior citizens.

The one I remember most was my visit to an assisted living residence. As I sat waiting to interview the manager there, seated near me was an older gentleman in a wheelchair, he had on a cowboy hat, wore cowboy boots, and had a rough weathered face. He looked to be quite a character.

I pleasantly said “Hello”. And he responded back. We began to talk. He told me he’d been a cowboy and had worked on a ranch for many years until…

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