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Silent Dreams

In Poetry on July 14, 2012 at 5:02 am

standing looking out over rolling hills of green
up to the mountains so majestic, they reign supreme
snow covered above under skies so blue
as the sun shines reflecting warmth within hearts through and through
dreams fall from the clouds covering my thoughts
breaking the mundane, knowing there is much more than what we are taught
music fills the air creating a warmth to pass through my heart
knowing those who stood here before have not really departed
from each shore a desire to wander into the next moment
fulfilling a bliss of dreams I have always held in silent emotion
travel the world never to meet a stranger only friends
I wait for that day to come out of the silent dreams and begin
until then….I have found the world unfolding before me in cyberspace
connecting me…to make wonderful friends though never meeting face to face
life is good…beautiful.. and ever changing from birth til another ending to begin
made even better by souls that wandered into cyberspace and became treasured friends


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