In Love on July 8, 2012 at 4:19 pm

No words of mine should be connect with this poem.Just feel the essence of love above the brightest star.Read my friends and be blessed by moments in life!Bobbie,once more..You did it.Bravo!


of places where you live –
none the more
than in my heart
with a window to the world
that is my dream

verses tied with pieces
of tomorrow’s wiser sun
as the fireflies came
crying to the sill –
begging me to go
beyond the wood

to mountains
brushed with ashes –
softly fell a whisper
was settled neath the porch
of standing still

for lifetimes (did I know)
when wished the brightest star
to bring you safely
to remember –
the destiny of thought
to bring you home –

the way of spring
of secret paths
worn into november
touch the same as breezes
wrapped a favored song –
as rain against the tin roof
of my soul –

laughter spinning stories
of a line or two we wrote –
before the storm
was settled in our bones

of all the places
you remain –
this one –

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