In Love on July 7, 2012 at 2:53 pm

Beyond the words lie down a magical world of amazing spirit.World seemed to be blessed by Her.Read and enjoy!


beyond the place you tary
in the ribbons worn by pain –
and the scars I love
I kiss them in my dreams
you come to me
and I to you –
in perfect imperfection
to touch the words we’ve given
jasper wings
to know of north
you surely are –
home within my longing
as sparrows rush the night
and sense the way
the same as these
were given you –
hands to trace you backward
winds to sail
and I your name to hear
dream of me in fields of clover
call for me that way
and I shall walk on oceans
to your door
to lay against the crooked boards
that rise to give you reason
touched against the places
of your love

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