In Love on June 26, 2012 at 5:32 pm

Great poem.When I close my eyes I can feel each and every line in my spirit..Beautiful indeed.


sleep no more
the night away
without the dream awaking
so certain you were there
outside my gate

as once (did I imagine)
I heard my name aloud
stronger every one
for moments passed

eternities within my reach
as midnight dreads the crowing
hours – but a place
to lay my head

while thoughts so often gather
by minutes unprepared
for where I go
whene’er the lights go dim

will somewhere else
my name be held
in silent hallelujahs
no whisper of regret
could speak the same

(hello) above the sigh
of wing’eds in the rafters
or stir as planets pace
familiar skies

what lowly indiscretion
has nightbirds answering
as curs’ed sheets pretend
to love me still

sleep no more
for in the want that wakes me
from my leaving –
windows open wide
to find you come

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  2. Great piece my friend.

  3. Milena, thanks for always sharing such beautiful poems!!!!

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