In Love on June 24, 2012 at 7:56 am

One more amazing poem


I’ve come of age
a little bit late –
way past the point
I reached my prime…
My eyes now open
(sometimes I blink)
to what has been
and was never mine.

I’ve hit my knees
and stood up strong –
sometimes I thought
I never would.
I’ve seen the best
and worst of me
more faith than some –
more right than good.

Surrender has no
business here –
for falling back
on sleepless nights.
I’ve written days
in blood and truth –
and traded ink
by candlelight.

Do we ever lose
in letting go…
for only then
is our purpose met.
When comes the time
of difference –
in what we wished
and what we let.

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  1. This is another beautiful one
    Thank you for sharing it Milena…
    Take Care…

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