Now You are fee Maximus…rest in peace

In Love on June 23, 2012 at 2:49 pm

Gladiator – Now we are free – YouTube

  1. free to live in peace
    soul is released
    knowing no more pain
    no more object of disdain
    only joy of being loved
    being you is more than enough
    knowing there is no death but life
    when finally laying quietly no more strife
    all is a moment in unconditional love
    as you connect herebelow with above
    beautiful music…sad but life

    • Oh Lord..that is just why I love Your writings.All Your letters looks like a poems.
      Life of Maximus was sad indeed but He loved and He forfilled His life with Love.I believe that is all that matters after all.
      Thank You Mary for writing here.

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