In Love on June 23, 2012 at 7:43 am

Amazing love poem


i listen to my heart.
that’s all i need to do.
everything is in there.
i let it out.
let it breathe.
let it expand.
heed what it tells me.
it always leads me on the path to you.
because you dwell in my heart.
my higher self dwells there.
i listen.
shut everything else out.
blank my mind.
just feel the beat of my heart.
the rhythm.
the melody.
it’s beating for me.
telling me that i am one with you.
that i am one with all.
i don’t trust what i see, touch, taste, hear, smell.
just trust what i feel with my heart.
allow it to guide me.
allow it to lead me to you.
you’re in my heart.
& our bond is love…

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  1. It is beautiful isn’t it
    Take Care…

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