In Love on June 22, 2012 at 4:26 pm

within our minds
 eyes closed
 hearts opened wide
we see the garden of our heart we created…
our life in this moment …
 seeds we planted long ago
each nurished in shadow
and light
 roses …petals soft as silk
fragrance of the heavens
 thorns that cause pain
causing our soul to bleed
knowing blood is the flow of all life
within our spirit
within our immortal soul
 each flower
 a lesson in it’s self
growing and entwining
through in our memories
we watch in our minds…
feeling them once again
come alive within our hearts
 we feel the love
we were gifted
  1. Your poetry always has a rhythm that always encourages a heart and spirit to dance in delight….a beautiful poem my sister!

  2. My dear friend,
    What should I say that You didn’t said already?
    That is the reason why do I love reading Your poetry,Your thoughts.Today,now I feel so proud of knowing that amazing heart of Yours.
    Mary,each time I read,time stop,like I am entering into place where there is no time,no places,no borders,no bad energy…just remembering of love,passion,time before time.
    If I did not knew You I should of invent You as my friend.I love being here and I love watching You here.
    Be blessed my friend!
    always wish You love,milena 🙂

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