My birthsday

In Love on June 20, 2012 at 8:56 am


Located myself on the crossroads of life. I wish that all this which I now live now,change. . I made so much ​​ compromises last years that I almost lost myself. All my life I wanted someone just her, someone with whom I share everything I know, I želim.Stvarno and I believe that I have found that person. Do our lives have changed so much and we changed two of us? I do not know. I know that I was very hard. Gone is the laughter of our života.Nestala the music, which I believed that I needed to I could živjeti.Malo bit and I’m gone from our lives. And now that many no longer see the sun, when there is no music, no other smile … Mutilated..Disgreaced.Complitly lefted with broken wing. Is it time taught long ago? Do I flew too high? Have I loved enough? Here in the desert of my soul, there is the hungry and thirsty look, touch, meet. Help me! Somebody help me take off! Because my country is not residence. I was created for heavenly flight I Was Made for Love.

  1. in a world of joy through pain
    tears will fall entwining with the rain
    where no one can see the seeker cry
    they only see the wings unfurl and fly
    to worlds unknown and beyond dreams
    look deeper for not all is smiles as it would seem
    people come and go, never saying goodby
    leaving one to wonder what was truth,what was lie
    so the seeker wanders wondering in silence of her cries
    what she did to make you go away without so much as why

  2. Milena, It seems you are in a difficult time right now. Please know that, even though you might not see it, you are blessed! Life has a way, sometimes, that it seems to cover the blessings under a cloak of darkness. Though we are unable to see the blessings sometimes, they are still there! Breathe deeply, sweety… things don’t stay dark for long. Take time for yourself, somewhere along the way, and enjoy the sun.

    • I love to You here in my web world.I am gratful for Your kind advice.Thank You my friend on thinking about my problems.No,I am not really down I have lot of love inside to You always,milena

      • I’m happy to hear that! You have a beautiful spirit.

        • I forgot to tell You that I am really honored to have You here.I love reading Your blog and sometimes I am lot of thinking about You wrote there.I do believe that You are very brave person.Keep writing and I promise I will keep reading.Be blessed!
          love&joy,milena 🙂

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