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In Love on June 19, 2012 at 4:12 am


memories come of yesteryear

made from dreams of love and laughter

in your heart you hold near and dear

a new dawn has risen high in the sky

today a new memory is to be made

open and receive don’t stop and ask why

walk on the beach, pick a seashell or two

dance in the rain, sing out loud, be happy

be in this moment under beautiful skies of blue

no matter what tomorrow shall bring

today is a celebration of you and all you are

a reason to light candles, and Happy Birthday we shall sing

(though off key LOLs)

May you know you are loved by one and many

May you feel the laughter as the seeds we scatter

know the harvest will be beautiful and love will grow plenty!

Thank you for being here for me, just being you

Thank you for all the smiles and words we share blogging too

Thank you for being my friend in the word that is real

Take care…My Friend

You Matter…much Milena

never forget that!



love as always




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