In Love on June 18, 2012 at 7:23 pm

Very interesting article

My journey of healing from psychological abuse


A fellow blogger was gracious enough to recommend this person’s article: I  read and re-read it. I can identify with much (most, if not all) of the 5 stages. I stopped on stage 4: Stage four: Despair. With every attempt I took to get away from him, limit my time with him so I could absorb the onslaught of torment he buried me under, he turned on his abuse even more. If that were even possible. He used fear tactics as a method of trying to “keep me”. He tried to brainwash me into NEVER leaving him.

It was during this phase that the excuses/reasons he used to explain why I WAS UPSET. After all, my discontent, discouragement, pain, confusion, etc…wasn’t because of HIM at all! For several months, it was due to (always something/someone else’s fault), “unrealized pent-up problems stemming from my many, abusive, past relationships”…

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