In Love on June 3, 2012 at 5:18 pm

each morning we stand before the garden gate
neither too early nor time is running late
we gaze as the day unfolds before
feeling life breathe, we want more
trees swaying, flowers bursting in color
life is about what you can share and offer
take a moment, breathe deep within
open the garden gate, step in and let the new day begin

Good Day Milena!

Thought I would stop in on a break..

this is my carousel I am constructing out

of things people threw away…

and now I am back outside

Hope everything is doing okay in your part of the world

miss seeing you …..know you are thought of..

Take Care…

You Matter….




  1. You are amazing friend Mary..I was so happy today when I found this here.Beautiful.
    You are always in my heart.Be blessed.
    🙂 milena

    • Good Morning/evening Milena…!
      I am glad you liked it….
      as you are thought of in mine my friend…
      Take Care…

      • You should of told me about writing it here.It was a suprice.

        • LOLs I sometimes can keep surprises as a surprise…!
          not often but sometimes…
          hmmmm I always think one reads something when the need or want to hear…
          so today, you got to hear my garden speak! …

  2. Love your Carousel very cleverly constructed… Thank you for dropping by my own site.. Blessings to you ~

    • Thnk you Sue DreamWalker….I am glad you like my carousel!
      it is evolving daily LOLs…I will have a faerie garden inside soon…
      you are very welcome….I will be back to your thoughts soon!
      life seems to be getting in the way, or my getting in the zone working in my gardens does…
      Take Care…

      • I often find that life gets in the way.. Time is speeding up.. so we need to create in our gardens and cultivate our thoughts too.. Wishing you a Peaceful Sunday.. ~Sue

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