In Love on May 18, 2012 at 4:58 pm

amazing poem about inner light,love and so much more

John's Consciousness

“Inner Light” by Ron Davis (December 6th, 2002) Image credit:

In the twilight world
Between darkness and light,
I feel more at home
Than ever.

As darkness falls,
My mind awakens;
As darkness increases,
My heart swells
With the memory
Of your touch.

How I loved the moment of closeness
As we embraced!
The revelation of your inner world,
In the fleeting moments
When our eyes met were
More powerful than
The quantum events
That rule the universe.

My capacity for emotion and
Deep feeling extend far beyond
My worldly place,
And beckon me still
In reveries of silence,
In the open spaces
Between thoughts.

You shine a light in my darkness.
You are the life within me.

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  1. yes I like it better each time I read it…
    Thank you for sharing once again Lilena..
    Take Care…

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