Thank you Lord for my life

In Love on May 17, 2012 at 2:05 pm

Prayer ~ Thank You for My Life – YouTube

  Thank you Lord for my freindS life!Thank you for LIFE of Clara, Mary,Wendell,Claire and Vincent,Ruth,Paulo,Christian,Alex,Chris,Deborah,Hanna,Mei,Zahir,Rob and his wife,Lesley,Paula,Malena-Maria,Itssrijanna,Ayanna and all others i do not know their’s real names!!

Be blessed my Lord!

  1. What a Beautiful way to start the day My Friend..
    I am Blessed to have encountered you along my Journey….
    you bring a very special energy to all who know you and
    I am grateful for the oppotunity to be your friend…
    Take Care…
    You Matter…

    • I am always the one who is honored by Your amazing presence Mary.You are simply friend I was so long waited for.You are bringing a sunshine in my life.So happy to see You here.
      Love as always,milena 🙂
      Be blessed!

      • you know…I am simple..I only want what I need…nothing extragant..just a life of
        people here make me feel special and I am grateful to have encountered so many beautiful souls…
        now…I will be back in a while…I have another small kitten (2weeks old) crossing over..i don’t want her to be alone…
        Take Care…Milena…you are a bbeautiful soul that makes my spirit breathe in beauty

  2. I read your last 8 posts. Good words and references. I can’t reply to each as I am way behind in work.

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