Arabic Literature(in English) about Palestinian hunger strike

In Love on May 15, 2012 at 2:49 pm

On The Fifth Day Of A Hunger Strike | Arabic Literature (in English)

On The Fifth Day Of A Hunger Strike My brothers, Forgive me if I’m unable to say honestly and straightforwardly all that I would like to say to you I’m drunk, my head is light, it spins, not from raki but from hunger. My brothers, I’m European, I’m Asian, I’m American, In this month of May I’m not in jail or on a hunger strike, But lying at night in a meadow With your eyes as near to mine as the stars And your hands in mine as a single hand like the hand of my mother like the hand of my helpmate like the hand of life. My brothers, You, at least, have never abandoned me, Not me or my country or my people. I know that you love me and love what’s ours As I love you and love what’s yours. And for this I thank you, my brothers, I thank you. My brothers, I have no intention of dying. And if I am killed I know I’ll go on living in your thoughts. I’ll live in the lines of Aragon- in every line that describes the coming of beautiful days- And in the pigeons of Picasso, And in the folksongs of Robson… And more beautiful than anything else more triumphant than anything else I’ll live in the jubilant laughter of a comrade on strike day in the port of Marseilles. My brothers, Since you really wish me to talk again, I’m so happy, so happy, that I spurt the words out!

  1. I like his poem.
    Still remember some words “To live! Like a tree alone and free. Like a forest in brotherhood”



    • You are amazing Mei.I know only few people who read His work.I am so happy You are one of them.
      It is really an honor knowing You.
      With respect and love,milena

  2. Turkish writer Nazim Hikmet’s hunger-strike poem. Hikmet began his hunger strike in May 1950.That is His poem.

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