In Love on May 15, 2012 at 2:09 pm

My heart bleeds for each and every one of them..


This morning, I have been looking for and listening to “political” poetry. Unless I am mistaken*, although there is the puppet-show advertisement for Aboul Fotouh, there otherwise seems to be a relative absence of literary and visual art associated with the Egyptian presidential campaign. (Thank goodness, really.)

But across the border, poetry and theater have accompanied and commented on Palestinian detentions and hunger strikers. There have also been artistic expressions re-seen, like this one “in honor of the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike.”

I am interested in any sort of literary culture — “hasty” or otherwise — that encourages me to re-see the world. Rafeef Ziadah’s hunger-strike poem, although it has an interesting line, “Our Spring in Palestine is born shackled to a hospital bed,” doesn’t do that. I looked around for other hunger-strike poetry: There was a “Hunger Strike Poem” in the Poems from…

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