Life at 18: Dreaming of Adventures…

In Dream on May 11, 2012 at 6:51 am

Life at 18: Dreaming of Adventures….

When I look back on my life and those days, I find that the spirit of my dreams for adventure and success remain true. Have I accomplished those dreams? Some yes and nay to others but the key is to keep our dreams alive. They become unrealized dreams when we bury them away. Though I am no longer 18, I still have dreams and every day, in some small way, my dreams come true. How about you? How are you managing your dreams?  
I would love to hear from you.  Please leave me a comment/question. Thank You! 

The Prompts:  What was your big dream for yourself when you were 18 and had graduated from high school? 


There are some people in the web world I feel connected to.Ms.Elizabeth Obih-Frank is one of them.She has two amazing blogs,one here at and the other on Blogger called Positive Kismet.I took the liberty to reblog one little part from Her article.I found Her question very motivational and inspirational.I wanted to answer but I found I want to write whole article about dreams so here I am…

Anyway I want You to go and check Her original article by upper link I have posted in the beginning.Be sure You will not regret it.That is amazing blog with so positive attitude that You will love it spending time there as much as I did.So,Ms.Elizabeth,You did it a great work and I thank You from the bottom of my soul.Be blessed Lady where ever You are,where ever You go!

My dreams

As a abused child I was always dreaming about liberty and peace.I grew up in a family of ortodox priest and doctor.At the age of twelve I was raped by family friend.My very first dream was to go to monastery.I wanted to spend my life with God.My father said I am not good enough for God.

I had many talents given me by God,writing,playing piano,foreign languages,dancing ballet.– so I had many dreams,to be writer,to be concert pianist,to be ballerina and last to be journalist.Two my dreams were for my own soul and body,to be pianist and ballerina.Other two were my way for helping others.That is what I thought God wanted me to do.In car crash I broke my arm and back so I had to leave my dream to be ballerina.I knew I would never play as concert pianist any more.So I went to chease two other dreams.After University I started to work as a journalist.So my big dream was done.

I got married and I thought I should have big and nice family with lot of kids.I had seven children.But my marriage was false one,my hubby was abuser.I spend long 18 years in unhealthy relation.My way out was my work.I desited to be war correspodent,so my dreams about travelling was for filled.I crossed almost whole Europe,Asia,and some parts of South America and Africa.Each time I came “home” I was abused again.Then war came to my own country,Yugoslawia.Four long years..too long for many of us.I was wounded several times.At last,after war was over and after giving birth to my last child I decited to change my life.The doctors informed me that I had a cancer and one year leftI left my job.Took three of my kids,two died and teo choose to stay with daddy..and we left.After my hubby with a little help of social service took my kids and I was lefted alone.

I am back where I was.Alone.Somehow I thought I would never ever live with anyone more.But then I felt in love,with woman I met.We lived nine years together.She had more less the same atittude as my hubby..I never understood how can it happened.Yes,I had dreams to met a woman,I thought they are nicer,better,kinder,more tender..Or maybe I want to see only good in people so I am not looking with open eyes.

Finally,I am here writing to all of You,most time waiting for Yours new posts,living life through Your lives.I am grateful to God for giving me all chances,I am grateful for life and for bringing me back to Him.Now I love You all with all my heart.May You all be blessed,never forget that You and Your posts can  bring someone life back.Thank You Elizabeth once more.


  1. I’m so sorry to read about the terrible events from your childhood and your struggles. You are a good souls and your will continue to grow and push beyond the post… Thanks for mentioning my post. Be blessed.

  2. To be real brothers and sisters is a good intentions, I believe that God will lead you a way to achieve it.

    Lots of love,

  3. And yes,I still have dreams,beautiful dreams that one day we will be real brothers and sisters,that there will be piece on Earth and that we will love each other like Creator of the World loves us.
    And deep down in myself I know that day WILL come.
    That is why I am still here,that is why I am visiting Your amazing blogs,that is why I love each and every one of You my friends.

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