In Love on April 27, 2012 at 4:12 pm

Beautiful..I feel each and every word..

Carolina de la Cruz - The Vixen of Verse

Elegy to the Beloved

The twenty-ninth of October dawned,

I awoke, stretched my arms, yawned.

For a moment I had forgotten the pain

of loss, grief, tears that ran like rain

down pale-faced moon, featureless

like death. Overcome with distress

I have to look down on him, one last time.

He looks at peace, encased in coffin pine

silken shroud encompasses those cold limbs.

Within the church we sang Christian hymns.

Life so short not too much to celebrate

but we tried our best, only one to berate

us for our failings, spitting out her rage

as Nirvana played him on his way, of his age

of his time, beloved soul returning home to rest,

my child, my son, young man deceased but blessed.


© Carolina de la Cruz – 26th April 2012



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