The Weakest Thing

In Love on April 26, 2012 at 10:48 am

‘The Weakest Thing’ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1844)

Which is the weakest thing of all    Mine heart can ponder? The sun, a little cloud can pall    With darkness yonder? The cloud, a little wind can move    Where’er it listeth? The wind, a little leaf above,    Though sere, resisteth? What time that yellow leaf was green,    My days were gladder; But now, whatever Spring may mean,    I must grow sadder. Ah me! a leaf with sighs can wring    My lips asunder — Then is mine heart the weakest thing    Itself can ponder. Yet, Heart, when sun and cloud are pined    And drop together, And at a blast, which is not wind,    The forests wither, Thou, from the darkening deathly curse    To glory breakest, — The Strongest of the universe    Guarding the weakest!

I love poems written by E.Barrett Browning.I have Her book beside my bed so each time when I feel lonely I read.Books are my old friend,sometimes I think they are my only real friends.I believe in them and they believe in my love for them.

Before in my life,when I was ok with my health I used to read every morning.Now I read throught the night.One night I found this site http://www.about com.Since that day I am here each day.They have wonderful forums about literature,arts,performing,books…on one I found my beleved Heart.She is no longer there but each time when I come here I deeply believe that we will meat again.Sometimes I feel like I am lost without Her,then I take Her letters and read them and all the magick come back to me.Please if You ever met this wonderful poetess tell Her that She is needed.Tell Her that I love Her much more then I should,more then She thought.

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