The Lady in Red

In Love on April 26, 2012 at 7:44 pm

Chris De burgh – The Lady in Red (HD) – YouTube

  1. Interesting..You are writing this now?
    Amazing what You can do with words?!It is so nice to see You here.I feel safe when You are around.
    Be blessed my friend.

    • I wrote it earlier, i was looking for a photo I had with it and a video LOLs…
      I will have to find that photo, it made me write this LOLs

  2. Seductress

    She stands still in the night

    thinking about whats right

    dressed in red, barely there

    she waits for the one who will care

    nothing underneath but the nights breeze

    she leans against the wall with ease

    her eyes are empty for she waits for one

    she smiles ,as she licks her lips with her tongue

    her dress falls open to reveal the invitation

    the one drawn to her will feel the heat of her seduction

    the pull is like a moth to a flame

    holding open her arms, she whispers his name

    he comes to her for he has no choice

    he smiles because he has no voice

    he wants her more than she will know

    for in truth he is the flame, she’ll feel the heated glow

    he kisses her, as hands reach to caress her breast

    she gasps, catching her breath

    seductively melting into his arms so strong

    colliding with lust and love, she has waited so long

    they join in flesh to flesh under a moonless night

    the bodies fitting together so perfectly ready for flight

    no wrong, no right, just the two as one

    in this moment they understand what has begun,won’t ever be undone



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