Teardrops From Heaven

In Poetry on April 21, 2012 at 4:03 pm

Teardrops From Heaven

each raindrop that falls

a teardrop from heaven

a kiss from the moon

kisses from forever

gathering and flows with  the river

racing to the ocean

waves carry to the otherside

standing on the beach

a heart of blue lies there in wonder

coming from the emotions

waves created as it carried

the tears from heaven

as you stand there

with your barefeet in the sand

know I will never forget you

as we become the tears from heaven

falling into the oceans tides

flowing on the otherside







  1. Mary,what can I said that I haven’t said already..Beautiful.I am so happy.Thank You for being here.You are a joy of my day.

  2. As the day comes to an end…so i receive another beautiful poem from you! Awesome poem!

    • You do know that is a poem written by my friend LadyBlueRose…Yes,She is amazing poet and I am very happy that She shares Her beautiful poems and thoughts with me and all of You.
      Be blessed my friend.

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