So My Love…..

In Love, Poetry on April 20, 2012 at 7:05 pm

So My Love…..
together or far apart
love entwined souls
knows no distance
you are of my heart,
as I am of yours
your body and mind
may be with someone’s else time
but your love and thoughts are  mine
mine alone in the sacred we created
I am yours even though I walk alone
so many rolling waves of emotions
yet we weather each one as passion never leaves
it may lie in stillness or burn like blazing fires
you gave me your hand,covering mine
you whispered forever my only love
as I returned the essence of those words
holding on to you and our dreams
so many moments are now in between
turmoil, sadness, lonliness yet we smile as we share
memories of beauty in silence
all of life’s strifes and tribulations
we shall endure this road to our destiny
each new crossroad  met
sharing in thoughts distant fires
holding the memory of promise
oh the yearning, the desires
self made prison, boundaries she drew
trying to hold your heart from me
but you have learned to fly in dreams
silence is your constant muse
though I hear for it is for me
no one else has the key
so my love….I wander
in patience I wait
till the moment is once again
for love as ours does not die or ever shall fade away



  1. yes that is what friendship is..doing simply nothing, just being in like
    it is a balance of love and “like”
    you can love anyone for that is human nature..but to “like” some is
    where wonderful lasting memories come from….well love has those memories too…
    but something about reaching the realm of liking someone as well as loving them
    to me shows, you accept them as they are…their flaws connect, combine and compliment yours….you find simple joys in life itself..walks, sitting reading with one quietly laying beside you…
    even doing the dishes together makes for a beautiful memory ( i wrote about that one LOLs)….
    like is not expensive….it is not what one can buy to impress….it is the free things
    like sharing a smile, a someone a rose for no special occasion other than being friends IS the special occasion…

    I am blessed that the crystals in our computers lit the way for a great friendship…
    Thank you Milena..for letting me be a guest on your bog and for just being you

    Take Care….
    You Matter….

    • Sometimes I do not know do I like Your poetry or Your comments more..Your poetry makes me proud but Your comments make me sure each time how blessed I am to have such friend.
      I can not choose whom will I fall in love but I did choose my friends.My beloved made me weak,Your friendship made me strong.
      Someday,no,ONE day I am going to fly with winds up to Scotland and I will set myself free because I knew what was worth living for.You gave me inner sight,so I am grateful already.
      When I lost my love I wanted to sit and let myself go,since I found Your friendship I feel like I am immortal.
      Mary,You were never guest here,this is not my place,it belong to each my friend.You know where the door,when ever You come You are very welcome.
      May Your days be for filled with joy and Love!!
      Be blessed my friend!

  2. The real test of friendship is: Can you literally do nothing with the other person? Can you enjoy together those moments of life that are utterly simple? They are the moments people look back on at the end of life and number as their most sacred experiences.
    Today,now,it is one of these moments.The very sacred moment.
    Mary,thank You for being part of my life,thank You for giving me a chance to feel and enjoy Your amazing poem here in my blog and above all,for being true friend.
    I already told You,You are always welcome to come and share Your wonderful thoughts.
    I am blessed that day when I finally found You.

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