Love letter

In Love on April 20, 2012 at 7:44 pm

Lara Fabian -Adagio – YouTube

  1. we do not choose love

    it chooses us

    as we wander

    searching through life’s mysteries

    we find a silver entwined with gold key

    the stars align, the Moon sends Her silver beams

    to surround us in Her energy

    the key feels warm pulsating in our hand

    closing our eyes we see the door

    it is not a door for the weak

    inner sight from the heart can only see it

    colors of the rainbow, heat from the sun

    magick from the moon seep within us

    consuming our hearts our spirit our Soul

    taking that one step forward that will be kife changing

    the key turns the lock, the door swings wide

    all the whispers we ever sent on the wind,

    all the wishes on the late night wishing stars

    all the dreams of love swirl in front of us

    they are ours to behold and have

    we know the language as it comes back to us

    and we step through the door to dance

    within the Gift of Love

    we do not choose love, it chooses us

    the choice is how we react to the actions

    of the love in front of us…. I say take the risk…




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