Rest Your Heart Mary

In Love on April 16, 2012 at 8:36 pm

Maksim Mrvica _♪♫ Desert Skies ♫♪_ – YouTube

  1. listen…hear the words, I do…

    they say dance in the morning dew

    follow the sun and chase the morning star

    oh together we will travel far

    following the trails through the forest glades

    rest and be still in the olde tree’s shade

    behold the wonders of the moon in the desert

    watch the angels give a delightful concert

    a million stars weave a blanket to keep us warm

    for the clouds bring rolling thunder and lightning storms

    sun sets in the western horizon, shooting stars appear in twilight

    we’ll watch the sunrise once more in the east

    then on the glory of a new day we shall rise again, not be defeated



    • Will You be my guest poet on my site Mary? me this honor.

      • I would love to…what do you want me to write…or what do I do?
        and it is my honor Milena…it is always a wonderful feeling when someone believes in you….
        Thank You…

        • Write what ever You feel like it.Send it by e mail to me and I will publish it.Well,I am sure for one think,I do believe in You.I can hardly wait to see what are You going to write.

  2. hear the voices, I do
    they are speaking of you
    life is neither here nor there
    only matters when one cares
    we come in with memories
    evolving on their energy
    defining who, what we are
    the journey has taken us so very far
    not over yet, more to experience
    more out there to be curious
    we have more stones to carve
    more dancing under the moon and stars
    sitting in Scotland under the olde oak tree
    so he can share more secrets of life’s mystery
    we will rest when we have no more charges to care for
    then we shall step into the mist, stepping through heavens door
    we won’t look back for we have left only our honor and name
    a few memories to some that we touched, they’ll never be the same

    oh I liked this music! Milena…I could write a hundred poems there are so
    many voices inside it singing their songs!
    THNK YOU…! I Love It!

  3. My friend,This one is only for Your beautiful Heart.Enjoy and be sure that we are the winners already.Our names are written on the stone above old oak somewhere in Scotland.
    Thank You for all!
    Be blessed!

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