In Love on April 15, 2012 at 8:26 pm

When ever I see someone from Great Britain,my heart stop for a while.So many days passed I need a brake.

All Your poets are here.All my poets are here,including You.Music become my best friend.

There is no white feathers any more.

Was it just a dream?

Where You a real person?

  • You (
  1. That is good question.
    Yes,Mary we were real much more then they.They left,we stayed.It is not easy to stay as nothing happened because whole our world was changed by their leaving.

    • life makes love work hard doesn’t it

      • I do not get it quite well.What did You mean by that Mary?

        • most people think when you fall in love, love makes life easy…but it takes work to nurture and evolve in that love…yes there is play, but life makes that love work hard to make it look easy…does that make sense…?
          in my chaotic ind it does ….LOLs..

          • Yes it does make sense.I would love to sit at the shore and listen to what a poet has to say.Can You imagine that?
            Your wisdom make things easier.Thank You for making time to answer me.
            Be blessed my friend..:)

          • Anytime..You want to sit …!
            .we need to find a shore! lets do Scotland..I have always wanted to go there…

  2. you just stepped inside my thoughts…
    word for word…
    yes they were real…were we?

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