Do not cry after I am gone because..

In Love on April 14, 2012 at 8:52 pm

Do Not Stay at My Grave and Weep – YouTube

  1. in the end
    we really begin
    never alone
    for we are home
    I won’t forget you here
    will you keep me near
    reach put once in ahwhile
    so I see your smile
    maybe hand me a feather
    a blue one in stormy weather
    make the for-get-me nots bloom in the snow
    for then I shall surely know
    that you have made it safe and sound
    to the heavens from this hallowed ground
    no nore pain or fear
    though maybe a single tear
    will fall like a raindrop in the sunlight
    yes, I’ll know you’re alright
    whisper on the wind my name
    let the music be the same
    show me the oak tree in Scotland
    there we shall meet , walk barefoot in the sand
    carve our names in stone
    for there is where we belong

  2. Beautiful, thank you for sharing this 🙂

    • Nice to see You around my world Claire.It is meant to be shared to You!Give my regards to Mr.Vincent.His new poem are fantastic and I loved them very much.
      Be blessed both of You!

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