In Love on April 6, 2012 at 9:45 am

Just read the rest of the poem by Yourself and be blessed

Rebecca Mott

I am finally coming into grief, I am finally coming into life, I am finally getting to the beginning of being fully human.

Grief is terrible, but it may one of the most life-affirming emotions I know.

Deep grief is the showing the reality of what was taken from me, deep grief is knowing there was times in my life I could do nothing to protect myself except stay alive.

Deep grief is feeling inside every cell of your body what punters do to a non-human named as the prostitute.

Deep grief is knowing that killing your own humanity and having no space for dignity may have been a reason those punters choose not to bother to kill you.

Deep grief is a screaming that cannot and will be silenced, only no-one hears it.

Deep grief is a constant feeling of wanting to rip out your skin, want to pull…

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