Adrienne Rich 1929-2012

In Love on April 1, 2012 at 8:32 pm

Adrienne Rich 1929-2012 – Lesbian Life

27.03.2012 died Adrienne Rich. Poet and essayist,feminist leader,doyenne of female literature was of of the foremost intellectuals in the America. Her role in the anti war movement and the social activism was bigger then any of us could saw that time. She wrote numerous essay collections and received numerous awards for Her work in lot of fields. Someone said very clearly that Miss.Rich’s place is in the feminist pantheon.That was surly ensured by Her masterpiece “Diving Into the Wreck”. May She rest in Peace! My condolence to Her life partner. On of my favorite Miss.Rich’s poem is called ” Wait ” “In paradise every the desert wind is rising…” According the copyrights I ask You to go and see the rest of this beautiful poem on this site: Adrienne, Thank You for all Your words You left us. You will never be forgotten


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