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Poem can sometimes looks as an vows..this one is so beautiful

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I sincerely mean it.
When I say someday i want to be your wife
and though you won’t read this…
I won’t let you read this for quite some time…

I know they all say,
I shouldn’t think so far ahead of now…
I shouldn’t be trying on wedding dresses
Or planning our children’s names out…

But I’m living in reality’s dreamworld…
And the future looks so grand after this…
I’m wishing & i’m hoping that we
don’t ever stop treasuring the other’s kiss…

From the bottom of my heart,
from the bottom of my soul,
I have decided it shall be you
whom I forever want to hold.

I want to hold your heart
i want to hold your dreams,
i want to hold your hand,
i want to hold your destiny…

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  1. Lovely work
    do you reblog from other sites or accept poems from others? I have several that you might like. One being My Love Was Like Rosebud

    • I will be my honor to reblog.Or You can just send them to me and I will post it for You.What ever You like.

      • I am so new to this I am not sure what is best for you.

        • Greetings dear Chris,
          Yesterday I took myself a liberty to reblog some of link to Your poems.You see,I would love that You could be my guest but I need to think it over.We will be in touch.
          love to You and all Your family
          milena 🙂

          • I would love to be your guest but you would have to tell me what to do. I have many poems in a book I am putting to getther called “Say It With A Poem”
            Thank you and my love to your family too 😉

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