In Love on March 30, 2012 at 2:15 pm

writer’s thoughts..dreaming or stay awake.That is the qouestion

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The writer huddled in the cold,

afraid to sleep lest the thoughts and courage escape her.

The woman who was telling the story

to the writer would soon want to see the first draft. 

The sex energy is huge.

It attracted all the slugs in out of the rain.

The writer huddled in the cold,

knowing her passion in writing the book would keep her warm

that  the cold would keep her focused.

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  3. I enjoyed my visit and will will return 😉

  4. that is always my dilemma LOLs..
    i will pop over and finsih..
    Thanks Milena

    Hope you are having a beautifulday!..evening…afternoon …
    never really sure about time, since i don’t seem to foolow it anymore…

    Take Care…

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