In Love on March 30, 2012 at 2:11 pm

Amazing poem I found out today on the web journey.

The Lost Journals

The savages dance in the shadows
the savages dance in the shade
of the jungle and the forest
around the fire we’ve made.

Their shadows go a’leaping
through the shadow and brush
and they dance in a circle
breathlessly we breath in a rush.

Memories come a’creepin’
within the night’s shade
triggered by the dancing shadows
of the savages in the shade.

Whisper words in my ear
words that comfort and bind,
whisper words to the shadows
of the savages in my mind.

Look at them dancing there, whirling around the fire
kicking their legs and tossing their hair
as the flames swirl even higher.
I can’t make out their forms in the darkness there;
their silhouettes against the fire
but their shadows betray
their true forms and desire . . .

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