Your Love

In Love on March 29, 2012 at 8:32 am

the poetry that is
beyond poetry.
The truth that poets
try to capture
by wandering through empty spaces,
imagining that understanding
is a matter of
and contemplation.
The poem of love
is love’s own poem
lead by the spirit
of love’s dance.
I dance for you,
with you.
Knowing that only my woman heart can speak
the words beyond words.
To your most beautiful woman heart.
The most eternal joy
in my life.
And in our united joy, 
is our honour of gold feathers,
enchanted and real,
I belong to you.
you give me back my voice
my flight
with your voice
with your flight.
And each journey becomes
When Nightingale flies with Sparrow
only the infinite sky contains our wings
spread free in ecstasy
to the universe.
And soaring in unison.
Even the universe cannot encompass
love eternal,
the prayer that our spirits heard
giving more than passion to purpose,
for our song gives purpose to passion.
Beloved, fly with me again.
My wings are yours
and have been since the ancient times.
  1. Beautiful 🙂

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