Little letter to You my Love

In Love on March 29, 2012 at 8:44 am

  ” Blessed be those with open heart”
The boundaries of the World are in You and not somewhere in the Universe.
You live in a strife between the divided consciousness of this world and the world of Beauty,yesterday and tomorrow.
There are moments in Your life when You wanted to be a vessel,to yourself and all the burdens took where you want.You would be freed of your own compulsions,You want to be free from bondage of the world,You would like to believe in the good of people and to devote to them love,courage and hope.
I would like to escape from the dungeon of my boundaries and give life another direction,one more chance.
“Do,not give up”.You told me,do not because your boundaries my options with you to rediscover a life of Beauty and Love:
for blessed are those who create the space for others,even if they themselves have limits.
Do remember my Love,
with all your weakness You are fully protected in the embrace of Love.

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