I love Thee

In Love on March 29, 2012 at 7:19 pm

Secret Garden – In our Tears – YouTube

  1. Again,You did take my breath away with Your poem..
    Silence around me,Your words dance in my heart.
    Still,I think that we must have known each other for eons.
    If that is Your way of talking then please do not ever stop talking..I will always listen and remember the very first time when our souls met when the time begins..the oak story is still talking to my spirit.What a joy that is.
    Thank You for being here.
    milena 🙂

    • I believe the energy of the world is shifting…
      sometimes it moves like lightning
      other times like the turtle on a Sunday wald through the park
      I believe all those who came into this moment are finding the ones
      they have known many lifetimes before…even if one does not believe in
      reincarnation they MUST be curious about the synchronicity happening around them
      surely one doesn;t need proof..heaven is encompassing earth and that is why the
      power,control maniacs are speeding up their treacherous ways to keep the people from discovering there is so much more than one word, on faith….
      all faiths, all religions are meant to be…each has a journey and the faith they are in is a part of that journey….we are here to be of service to each other….no matter what their faith is
      we all have the same desitiny..we all walk our way back through a life to cross over
      it is the journey,it is what we need to focus on, their are signs all around us showing
      us our Soul Families..Soul Mates and TwinFlames are coming into our lives to give us the pieces on our life puzzle, the stones to lay the path back home…
      it is up to us to pay attention…it is up to us to accppt the reactions to the actions these souls bring to us…
      so yes My Friend Milena..we have known each other many eons…I truely believe that
      for i have left so many so called friends was as if I woke up one day and I noticed they weren’t there..but then were they there for me, or did I have something they needed and once they received and understood, they walked away….
      ahhh see…more questions LOLs…
      take a rest, I am planting my carousel back in a while…
      Take Care…
      You Matter..

  2. A Single Tear Drop

    a single tear drop holds all the sorrows

    or pure joy of the possiblity of tomorrow

    a single teardrop can stop the world turning

    or show ectasy with passions burning

    a single tear drop can bare own’s soul for all to see

    or be a silent reminder we are no longer free to be

    a single teardrop can hold the promise one made

    or break a heart when that promise strayed

    a single tear drop can be the glory of sunshine

    or the sadness when one is forgotten and left behind

    a single tear drop flows slowly to the ocean one at a time

    or many will run swiftly catching up for lost time

    a single tear drop speaks volumns of one should listen

    or if not heard will sit on the cheek and alone glisten

    a single tear drop falls to the ground when no one is around

    the breaking of a heart is the only sound it makes as it hits the ground

    a single tear drop has a message for one or for many to hear

    oh the possiblities that one has before them in the falling of a single tear



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