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Poem of my friend..amazing..

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Down at the harbour….

under the pine…

is my yacht…

the name on it is “Mine“

“We launch at midnight,“ my beloved said.

“I will be ready,

My body clothed in red.“

The duffel bag had been packed for a century or more

Today it stood in readiness

Inside the pantry door.


She trimmed her hair.

It fit under the sailors cap.

She polished her nails

Placed them on her lap.


Midnight came

 off they went

under the hidden new moon.

They went to the edge of the world….

they were not coming back soon. 

The wreck of the ship

came in the night.

Their watery graves

they welcomed with delight. 

The great adventure

was theirs to be had.

They had climbed aboard

the launching pad.

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