In Love on March 16, 2012 at 7:58 am

We all endure on God’s palm..amazing piece of work

Beyond Words



No matter how hard he tries, his eyes moisten. He is told a million times it’s not manly to cry yet the hurt he went through have a powerful effect even now. Those days of hurt, pain, loneliness, depression and every sad emotion humans have ever felt.

This life, the need for assistance in each step was actually his life; he often wondered. He lived and mourned it, day after day nevertheless his land; the land of his dreams showed no glimpse of reality maybe that’s way they are called dreams. He was not born this way perhaps that’s one reason why reality was so hard to accept.

The voice of society hunted and followed him encouraging words were few; all he heard was lines discouragement and regret masked in the package of sympathy. He often wondered which part of society did he belong to whether he did…

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