In Love on March 5, 2012 at 8:07 am

George. Jessie. Love.

Things I have never been:

  • optimistic
  • a trendsetter
  • an intellectual
  • particularly brave

Things that I have become:

  • less pessimistic
  • the first of my peeps to attempt to parent a transgender kid
  • getting smarter every day
  • braver

It strikes me how the very traits that have, historically, not defined me suddenly do.  It is strange how I, a glass half empty kind of gal, am suddenly perceived as a voice of optimism and strength.  Never one to lead the charge, I take note that I’ve been more outspoken and public about just how okay it is to support ones’ “different path” child.  I’ve noticed that my penchant for trashy magazines and easy-read contemporary novels has morphed into a desire to deepen my knowledge and understanding every day.  (That is not to suggest that I have lost interest in those fine periodicals, quite to the contrary, actually.) And, just to make thing…

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