In Love on March 3, 2012 at 8:44 am

Very special blog,very exqusite about lies

Beyond Words

Lying is wrong in any form, it’s a moral rule we’ve all been taught- a part of moral ethics of the world an underlying force of every religion, of humanity.

“Lie” saying false things to lead a person astray.

It’s said when a lie has a backing good reason is OK (how smart of you) whereas the same lie when spoken for evil situation/ wrong reason is incorrect (how could you!).

How do we know this differentiation because I /all of us were told so by our elders or the heart thinks of a reason to determine “our” lie as FOR THE GOOD

I have met a lot of people who say I don’t lie but none actually don’t.

I too lie, do you? If yes, then for what.

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