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Excellent article and very well written.You are a great advisor my friend.Funny and amazing how much You love people.

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Modern lifestyles are increasingly sedentary. We sit at computers, desks, in front of the TV and in cars. This inactivity can lead to weaker muscles, a less efficient heart plus weight gain as we consume more calories than we expend. The majority of people become more sedentary as they age, which leads to loss of muscle tone and an increase in body fat.

One of the easiest form of exercise to commence for the beginner is a walking programme.

Walking can:

Burn calories

Strengthen and tone muscles

Lower your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes

Reduce stress.


Starting a walking programme:

If you have any tightness, heaviness or pain in your chest, pain that radiates down the arm or are breathless check with your G.P.  Do not begin a walking programme without doing so. If you are unused to exercise, have any other pain…

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