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Go and check the rest of article..amazing and beautiful

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what a woman can do…amazing

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Mary Kingsley (1862 – 1900) was an English writer and explorer. She was the daughter  of doctor, traveller and writer George Kingsley and the niece of novelists Charles Kingsley and Henry Kingsley.

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Dr. Kingsley died in February 1892 and Mrs. Kingsley followed a few months later. Freed from family responsibilities and with a small inheritance, Mary was able to travel as she had always dreamed, her reason for going being “the pursuit of fish and fetish“. 

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As Kingsley set off on her first trip to Africa she was referred to a new “French book of phrases in common use in Dahomey.” The opening sentence of the book was “Help, I am drowning.”, followed by “Get up, you lazy scamps!” This was shortly followed by the question “Why has not this man been buried?” and its expected answer “It is…

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I am leaving the guy tonight,
the guy you said to give a chance,
because I shall never love any one,
the way i’d love to someday hold your hand.

Because if it isn’t you…
i will never fall in love.
because if it isn’t you,
i’ll be hopelessly crushed…

i’ll be that driftwood
floating down the stream,
caught in some tree roots,
until it absorbs water & sinks…

because if it isn’t you,
i will wait until that day when I am,
& that day may never come,
but i shall never love again…

And if you say it isn’t you,
then i will loose my very best friend,
but I can’t move on to another,
because I know i’ll love you till the end.

In three weeks, I am boarding a plane,
flying over the mountains and distance between,
And I shall have five days to find the…

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