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Women of Spirit and Light

What is the key to people’s hearts? (Understanding.)
The most valuable thing in life is relationship (friendship).
Life cannot be real if relationships are not real.
Relationship is sacred.
The best thing I can give you is my friendship.
Relationship is the source of the greatest joy and the greatest mental suffering.
The quality of our life depends much on the quality of our relationship with people around us.

It is nice to have good friends. Life would be so flat without kalyana mittas (noble/spiritual friends).

How rare it is to have a friend.

Dear friend, I don’t have many friends left. So I value whatever friends I still have.

To have a friend is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. To develop a deeper and deeper understanding of oneself and the world is also very wonderful. For me understanding is the most satisfying thing in life.

There is no…

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