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Poetry and music is amazing combination..I love it Zahir

♥ The Tale Of My Heart ♥

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Enjoying as always reading this blog

Unwrittentruth's Blog

Tonight you held me in your arms
promised me that you will never hurt me.
But what a foolish promise to make,
everyone at some point does some hurting…

Because love in itself hurts
& love ending or breaking does too…
Though I see only sincere hope,
behind all you say & things you do…

I wish I could promise you the same.
but, i never make a promise i can’t keep.
And to be perfectly honest, someday
I may break your heart or haunt your dreams…

But for today, just hold me.
say you want this thing to last…
Makes my heart crave to leap out…
from the leash it’s held to, fast…

Because, tonight,
i wanted to believe you
that the future,
can make my dreams come true….

That you & I are all we need
& that somehow you always knew…
you make me believe in commitment

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