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February 14th Valentines Day!

February the 14th,
Valentine’s day,
The day of love,
The day you say,
How much you love,
How much you care,
How much you smile,
And how much you stare,
To the one you love,
To the one you admire,
To the one you adore,
To the one you desire,
A day of emotion,
A day of affection,
A day of devotion,
A day of connection,
That day of giving,
That day of receiving,
That day of forgiving,
And never leaving,
The day to show truth,
The day to show passion,
The day to show proof,
In a high fashion,
The day for lovers,
The day for friends,
The day for others,
You wish never ends,
A day of guarantee,
A day of feeling,
A day of security,
And love revealing,
So on this day,
Say “I love you”
Because they might say,

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Danubius forum

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Svima Vama na Danubiusu želim puno ljubavi i radosti
s ljubavlju Vaša Milena

My beloved

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As always I am thinking about You
Happy Valantines
Eternally Yours

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ArabLit & ArabLit Quarterly

If you’re looking for long Arab love stories with which to woo your beloved, Ahdaf Soueif listed five for The Guardian back in 2009 (1) Latifa al-Zayyat’s The Open Door; 2) Naguib Mahfouz’s The Cairo Trilogy; 3) Colette Khoury’s Days with Him; 4) Enayat el-Zayyat’s Love and Silence, and 5) Layla al-Juhani’s Jahiliyya). Myself, I am partial to the love story in Taha Hussein’s Call of the Curlew, although I’m not really sure of its effects on a beloved.

If you had the time, you could read your beloved Specters (Radwa Ashour, trans. Barbara Romaine), I Saw Ramallah (Mourid Barghouti, trans. Ahdaf Soueif), and I Was Born There, I Was Born Here (Mourid Bargouti, trans. Humphrey Davies), for the wonderful, tender married-love bits from the lives of novelist Radwa Ashour and poet Mourid Barghouti. The way these three books talk to each other is a…

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Unwrittentruth's Blog

I can’t tell you where to go,
I can’t tell you where I’ll be,
I don’t really know the future,
or actually, much of anything…

I’d like to think we’ll get a chance,
but the topic won’t come up anymore,
And you made a good point,
which made me just want you even more…

You just know me way too well,
just enough to call me out on life,
just enough I could never get away with a lie,
just enough, that I no longer even try…

You know me better than i know myself,
i admit that might not be too well,
but somewhere in you giving me advice with him,
i looked at you & in love my heart fell….

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