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This is the most interesting and amazing blog about Arab literature(in English) written by interesting Lady.I am honored to read about Miss May Ziadeh.Thanks for writing.

Arabic Literature (in English)

Tell me, O tell me! by the planets that are above
Who is the heavenly herald who is the dove
That thrilled to our midst from yon horizon and sea
To cry live Egypt live independent and free
-Jawdat R. Haydar, in his poem “May Ziadeh” (1931)

After celebrating Khalil Gibran’s 125th anniversary last month, Google has turned its gaze on a poet Gibran greatly admired: Palestinian May Ziadeh.

Ziadeh was born in Nazareth on February 11, 1886.

Ziadeh was an important literary figure both in the Levant and in Egypt, where she immigrated with her family in 1908. She was a prolific poet, translator, short-story writer, essayist, letter-writer, and critic, as well as host to an important literary salon. While her first collection of poetry (Fleurs de Rêve, 1911) was in French, she devoted most of her time and energy to writing in Arabic.

Ziadeh’s poetry…

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